Rose Gaboty Crimson

 Rose Gaboty

Botanical Name:
Erisma uncinatum

Available Sizes:
3/4" x 3 1/4" 3/4" x 4


Similar in strength to Oak, Rose Gaboty features a scope of colors with straight to interlocking grain and medium luster. Rose Gaboty is synonymous with a unique exotic wood quality and style.

Janka Hardness:
• 1285


Jatoba  Natural

Jatoba  Truffle

Jatoba  Royale

Jatoba  Coffee

Jatoba  Rose

Jatoba  Caramel

Sucupira  Hazelnut

Sucupira  Natural

Rose Gaboty  Antique

Rose Gaboty  Natural

Rose Gaboty  Honey Brown

Rose Gaboty  Crimson

Rose Gaboty  Wild Walnut

Tauari  Natural

Tauari  Chocolate

Tauari  Tuscan Spice

Tauari  Gunstock

Tauari  Venetian Brown

Tauari  Cherry Passion

Tauari  Chestnut

Tauari  Graphite

Tigerwood  Natural

CUMARU  Natural

Herring-Bone  Unfinished